Wednesday, 19 October 2016

WOYWW 385 - still no new stuff

at the risk of setting a bit of a habit, there is no new 'stuff' on my desk today for What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday - week 385.  You can find the link up at Julia's
Not even any new art, either!  Well, not really

 because these atcs were posted off for a swap earlier in the week...

 so the floor looks like this today....
two pages in the journal painted (kind of) ready for "something" to happen to them soon...

the page on the left is a mop up using some Pebeo irredescent paint and dry brushed with gesso to knock it back just a little.  It goes a long way that paint, I obviously poured out way too much to get a full page covered with it!  the pink on the left is Bougainvillea Fresco paint, again left over from something or other....
maybe by next week I'll have done something with them to show you!

so, not much to show here, I'm off to check some more interesting desks at the Stamping Ground! 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


What? Wednesday again already?  You are here for a desk then... check at the Stamping Ground  for the link and all the details.
So I enjoyed my week off work, spent some time in London (see photos here) and Kew (photos here)

but I didn't get a lot of crafting done (certainly didn't start my Christmas cards which was tentatively on my mental "to do" list... still there's always the WOYWW crop for that, right.... lalalala
I did this journal page
 which is for the Paperartsy challenge

and I'm working on a tag for a Facebook challenge    that is the sum total I have to show for my week off!  

But the day in London and at Kew were worth it, got some cracking photos, as some of you have been kind enough to comment on.
Back at work now, so everything is back to normal!

Will catch up with as many of your desks as I can very soon.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Monster Mash

Hi there.  I have had this week off work and thought I'd be having a craft-fest but it hasn't turned out like that. After my two busy days out I kind of flopped...

I have however finished a journal page I started a while ago, and of which I really thought I had some photos of the starting point to share...but I haven't!   however, I have used some of Seth's Spellbinder dies for the Paperartsy challenge, which is, die cutting  I loved what he shared on Friday which refreshed the workshop I went on in September.  The card I used to cut, is the leftover piece of smoothy card we did our mono printing with, and I stamped on it with some of Seth's Impression Obsession stamps

The stamps on the top layer of the page are from one of Elena's fabulous new Monster sets I bought at Happy Stampers and they just had to be inked up.   Underneath are layers of paint and stencilling and texture paste, but I wasn't happy with the colours so I went over it with a thin layer of gesso.  I like it much better now.

Entering the Paperartsy die cutting challenge 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

WOYWW 383 - a new toy (or several)

Hi there, deskers and it's Wednesday again already.. time to meet up with Julia and the Gang at the Stamping Ground
Some of you have already seen the review of the Happy Stampers show (here)  the walk round Port Sunlight village (here)  and Liverpool Waterfront (here)  the latter of which just blew me away (helped in no small part by a gorgeous day, warm sunshine and the bluest of blue skies you could imagine for England in October.  follow the links if you haven't and if you want to!

But I will include a quick snap or two here for those of you in a hurry!

 Shaz and Neet - I've been blogging since 2009 (golly, THAT long?!) and have known Neet 'virtually' probably for most of that time.  Saturday was the first time we've met... So pleased you were able to make it Neet, and hope you feel a lot better!

It was wonderful to meet this lovely lady at last, and it's always great to catch up with Shaz and Doug.

Sarah Anderson (friend of Chris's), Neet, Shaz and Chris (PearshapeChris)   - everyone kept congregating at Paperartsy's stand... wonder why?!

Stash from Happy Stampers... see, I CAN do minimal - shopping anyway!
and ahem. the desk from Tuesday... I am off work this week (I think I may have mentioned!)  and went into Kingston to the art shop as my bottle of gesso is getting low... I like the Liquitex one and the art shop had a giant bottle that is best part of 1 litre , so it made sense to get the biggest they had!  the price was good too.

  A few other pieces "may" have fallen into my basket - some hot press watercolour paper (two for one in the pack, so obviously that was a bargain!) some more micron pens, and a small pad of 'natural' colour card - a pale Kraft.. it's nice!  and er... a new lens for the camera...

 I've had my eye on a really wide angle for some time (wanted a Macro as well for all the flowers, but they were a bit lot more pricey... next on the list though!)

 this one is 10 mm to 18mm focal length and this is it set at it's widest 10mm... you can see quite a lot more  of my "stuff"...  as I will demonstrate...
 this is my "standard" zoom which is 18 mm to 55 mm and it is set at 18mm so this is the most you'd normally be able to see... can't wait to get it out and about to play

(by the time you read this, unless you are very early, I will be out and about with it, in London!)
and this is the view of the room at it's widest 10mm again, back from the doorway towards the window.  oh my...  think I need a radical sort out!!

Hope you all have a good Wednesday, I'll do my catching up with your desks this evening!

and if you want to see London it'll be on "photosbyh" later today!! (click the fountain at the top right)

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Trip to Liverpool - part three - the Happy Stampers show!

So, Saturday dawned damp... turned much wetter

After a cooked breakfast to set us up for the day, we walked the short distance from our Hotel, the Bridge Inn, to the Hulme Hall where the show is held.  in the drizzle... stood and queued for a few minutes...  I was hoping to meet some PAtwits and some WOYWW deskers...
 First up, deskers...

I have known Neet as long as I have been blogging, but Saturday was  the first time I have ever got to meet her in the flesh... here she is with Shaz.
 Neet hasn't been too well lately, so I was thrilled she was able to come, and it is always lovely to see Shaz (and Doug, who carries the shopping so well... he seems to have evaded the photo...)
 Leandra demonstrating...
 Sam, Chris and Lin
 Alison, ready to demo... much better pose than some I've got of you lately, Alison, eh?!

 Sarah Anderson, Neet and Shaz again, and Chris.
Leandra busy demoing
 and Sam, looking at some Seth stamps, trying to work out if they were what she wanted..
 Chris Sam and Sarah
 Alison in action..
 time for tea and cake again... Chris came too this time!  Had Victoria sponge this time, with fresh cream..  oh yummy yummy again!
back to the show, got soaking wet on the way... Sam  and Emma, watching Alison, and Claire watching Leandra... as I decided I'd cut Sam in half with the stand supports...
we decided to prove it!

don't have any more pictures but Sam has a lovely review here too

and some stash... well, I wasn't going to come all this way without buying something...

but not as much as usual!
After a freshen up we headed down to dinner in the pub restaurant, and whilst we were waiting for our meals to come, I happened to see Alison posting on facebook that she was in the bar of the hotel waiting for her husband to pick her up, so Sam went and got her and she joined us.   In the end, when Graham arrived he came in too and they ended up having dinner with us.
so, by being anti social and checking my phone at dinner, we ended up having a good evening with them.

the blog title says part three -  parts one and two are here and here 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Yo, deskers!  It'll be a quick trip today, there isn't much going on!
Head Desker Julia will be delighted at how short and sweet it will be today

I have realised as I am typing this up that you can't see what the stamps are!
they were designed by a lovely friend of mine Debs who won a competition to design some stamps and got given a few sets to give away, I was lucky enough to get a set, which arrived today (Tuesday) - I am hoping to have time to play soon, they are small doodly-flowers and will be great on journals and atcs etc.  I'll be sure to show you what I do.
So I am getting mega-excited about the weekend and my trip to Port Sunlight for Happy Stampers, with some good friends and hoping to meet up lots of deskers as well as Paperartsy 'PAtwits' too.  - see you there!
Not only that, I have next week off work too!  I'll leave you (not so short and sweet after all!) in Julia's care at Stamping Ground

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

WOYWW 381 - no new stuff.....

Hello again and happy Wednesday to you all... we re-group at Julia's for another desk hop at What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday...
So, nothing new on my desk then? let's look...

a part done journal page and a piece of stencilled painted background I was going to use for a birthday card.... I'm going to use it to collage on the journal now

But, you cry, you were going to Ally Pally last week, where is the new stuff, what happened?

ok, so I maybe misled you a little... had you popped by on Saturday night, this is what you would have seen this ......

not as much as normal... no stamps (there were new ones, but I didn't get them....)  but a "few" stencils.... just can't resist...
some glue (the green and white things) and a sponge roller...
and a few bits and pieces..

sorry to tease you!

and of course, I met up with the lovely Chris of Pearshapedchris fame...
it was great to see her again and have a lovely chat... I think I enabled her to buy a few bits at Paperartsy, so my work was done...

Have a great week, all.