Thursday, 27 November 2014

...that journal page...

Did a little bit more faffing with the journal page that was on show in my WOYWW "desk" yesterday

 I had started by gesso'ing the journal page, as I discovered that either the brushos or the Deco Art media sprays went through the paper if not.. I tried out all the media art sprays I got (black, white, purple, yellow and green) and some brushos.. I think brilliant red, yellow and black. may have added some leaf green too... Love how the media art drips!

I wanted a focal image but nothing too fancy.. settled for the JoFY flowers, stamped twice, on two pieces of scrap paper.  I painted them with some brushos, mixed in a little pot, with similar colours to my background. Stuck them to the page.
then this morning (bravely, before work!) I took the black media art spray, and with the end of the spray tube, dropped some ink (paint?) on the page above the flowers and let it drip.  Did the same,upwards (ok, so I turned the page up the other way) on the other page.

Luckily I stayed free of black mess on my hands and went to work... Tonight I added some more sprays of black, and let it drip, and a little yellow on the right page.  Some words to finish - had to use alphabet stamps as I don't have any 'vertical' stamps  and voila!
A bit messy, a bit dark (but looks better by the daylight bulb I took the photos by, so maybe in daylight it won't look so dark...) but FUN!
thanks for looking. and try these sprays, they are fab!  I want some more colours....

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

WOYWW 286 - new goodies (again)

What do you mean, it's Wednesday again?!  Next you'll be telling me it's December on Monday.... oh!
So, if it has to be Wednesday, what better way to spend it than at Julia's Stamping Ground for another desk-hop-fest. And (I know, don't start a sentence with 'and') here's my desk... well, floor, but you know me by now!  You also know me well enough, to expect new stash purchases.... never one to disappoint -

 The brightly coloured bottles are some DecoArt Media sprays which I chose as my prize from the Craft Barn Q&L challenge the other... powerful colours but I am having fun...

the other items in the box, are some EZ mount for some unmounted stamps which I now have no excuse to getting mounted... and another Colour Bloom spray called Storm Cloud which is a kind of grey (storm!) coloured. The 'Stick It' is a thin sheet of adhesive for sticking to card/paper etc before die cutting intricate shapes, and enables you to stick the resulting die cuts easily to your project... time will tell how well it works  I'm thinking letters, and things like Tim Holtz Greenery dies, will be perfectly easy now....

The next picture is for Julia.  Last week she commented on some words on a journal page and said she hoped they were word stamps, not individual funky letters. (I'd have had no chance of lining them up, you are right Julia!!)

well, they are whole words -  Clarity Word Chains, two sets, and I love them!

They come in a chain, joined, but designed to cut apart.  Oh, and the journal pages underneath?  that's some of the new sprays,and some brushos... bit dark and muddy, so needs attention!

So, that's what's on MY workdesk, what's on yours?  I'll be round to check soon.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dragons Dream - TIO - X and Purple

Hi, and welcome back to the Dragons Dream TIO  for our penultimate tag in the alphabet challenge... boy, that's gone fast!  This fortnight, it is my supremely talented team mate, Julie Ann, who was "lucky" enough to pick (i.e. be left with) X - probably one of the hardest letters in the alphabet to depict... The twist is to use purple...

I sprayed my tag with the crushed grape Dylusions spray.  not before I'd picked up and sprayed a tag with after midnight by mistake - oh well, got a blue tag ready for another time now!  
Got a somewhat patchy coverage (made worse by the flash on the camera!!)   Used the two skeletons from my new super sale bargain price Tim Holtz set (mini halloween) and heat embossed them.

Wrote xray in white pen in the space on the tag, which immediately picked up the purple colour from the spray.  Of course I intended that to happen, it's a shade of purple now!!  It looks whiter in the photo than it does in real life!!
Finished with some chunky purple fibres from my stash.

I know Julie Ann will have made a beautiful, elaborate tag for her entry, because she always spends a lot of time and effort on her tags - but time is against me this time so it's a quickie here!!  Do pop over and see what the rest of the team have dreamt up for this challenging letter!  See you soon.

time for another WOYWW....

... but not a lot again! some finished but slightly disappointed with, journal pages (the one I was faffing with a couple of weeks ago) Head to Julia's for the wheres, whyfors and hows - once you've checked mine out!

The previous post tells the pluses and minuses of how this page came along.... and the eagle eyed amongst you may spy a little something hiding under the journal.... to find out what, you'll need to visit the post after this one later today!!
tee hee! Happy Wednesday (unless like me you do most of your visiting later!)

Monday, 17 November 2014

twin journal pages...

it's been ages since I played in my journal just for fun, but I was bored yesterday (no football to watch!) and I couldn't summon enough enthusiasm to make some more Christmas cards...

The page on the left was mostly done, and was hanging around on a WOYWW desk recently but I don't seem to have taken a proper sized photograph
 this is the right page. it's gone through a few transformations, I was painting over some random brush strokes that I didn't want, with Plum and Chalk Fresco . The yellow is brusho dropped in the wet paint.  and smudged around... and partly wiped off. Stencilled Marlin and Chalk through a stencil.
the left hand page has had more brushos dropped on it and both have gesso circles (lids from an old glue bottle or something)  The right page I diluted with some gesso first, it was a bit dark to do anything over..
 and black gesso with a stickles lid, and a credit card
 followed this through on the other page too
 the pages needed something to focus on, but I chose to stamp in Cobalt archival ink on Paperartsy Crackly tissue (still hoarding some) but once I glued it to the page, it blends in too much, the background is too dark...
 used Plum archival on tissue for the right page, which shows up a little better.  Would have been better on white card, I think....or the stamping done in black ... or left off altogether!

thanks for looking!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Craft Barn Q&L - 23. Friendship/Journey

Hello, hope you are having a good Sunday.  The new Craft Barn challenge for their Q&L reaches no 23. The prompts are Friendship and/or Journey.  Searched out a few.... have quite a lot of stamps with 'journey' on them... but I really liked this quote by Aristotle "Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies".

 I started by stencilling Ice Blue Fresco paint through the large numbers template from crafters workshop
 then, stamped the image by Tim Holtz onto the journal page, and again on scrap paper.  I cut out the main image and added some colour to the dog and layered it over the journal
 stencilled some leaves with Grunge Paste in the corners and when dry, added Pan pastel

typed up the quote on scrap paper and glued it to the page.
 This came together really quickly, and I love this image of the little boy and his dog, which quite fortuitously has a "friend" definition as part of the stamp.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the Craft Barn (and the for pulling my name out of the hat for the prize for the "nowhere" challenge - it was fun spending the voucher yesterday!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

WOYWW 284 - a little bit of this and that

Welcome along for another What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday... I'll start, this day after Armistice Day, with a closer look at the photo of my Dad that was sitting on the workmat the other week,
together with one of my Mum - that's her, sitting on the top of the Spitfire - she served in the Wrens, as an Air Mechanic, working on the Spitfire. This would have been taken some time after 1944 as that's when her service record shows she was enlisted. Hopefully you can enlarge it to see it a bit closer - I look very like her, though Julia thought I looked like Dad. (I can see lots of my middle nephew in him, the more I look at this photo now)
Dad served both in the Army and Navy. This picture was taken at Christmas 1942, as it is noted on the back, when he was in the Navy.
On my desk proper - well actually not, it's the kitchen counter - some flowers I received at work on Monday, from a grateful client whose mortgage application I had helped process to a happy conclusion. It's so nice to be appreciated and to receive a thank you!  And yes, of course I saved the bow! I nearly saved the pretty cellophane, but had to tear it too much removing it!
 the "desk" proper on the floor - my normal place of work, as most of you know (and as is stated in my blog header) - and some more new stamps (yes, Mary Anne, MORE!) I took advantage of a post on Facebook from the Stamp Attic announcing further clearance offers, and - erm - snapped up 5 more sets!! Well, it would have been rude to have ignored such bargains!

Finally, another photo from the Tower of London on Saturday
the stunning poppy installation to commemorate the First World War and the 888,246 British and Colonial servicemen who lost their lives. Several of you have visited the post I published on Saturday  and I make no apology for the number of photos I shared on it!!
This weekend I need to crack on with some more Christmas cards as after my spurt the week before last, I've not done any since!  In the meantime, I will get to as many of your desks as I can.